Single Eagle Technologies Ltd. was established in the last decade by a group of American-trained professionals looking to work all over Nigeria to assist the government and the private sector in infrastructure implementation and technological advancement in different sectors of the economy. Single Eagle Technologies include:

  1. Single Eagle Construction
  2. Single Eagle Hydro
  3. Single Eagle Oil & Gas
  4. Single Eagle Medical Services
  5. Single Eagle Telecom & IT Services
  6. Single Eagle Real Estate Services

At Single Eagle Technologies Ltd. our motto is:  “Do it Right the First Time and Every Time”


Our Vision is to be ranked among the best indigenous contracting Companies and service providers in Nigeria and in the African sub-Sahara region.


Our mission is to be reputed for high performance and high quality jobs that will stand the test of time with optimum capacity utilization in providing maximum client satisfaction in various projects and services rendered.


In order to satisfy customer requirement and ensure quality of our services, we have partnered with other companies locally and internationally for the purposes of procuring only good quality products that meet with international standard. Our partners include:

  • Glennman and Sarb Engineeering, United Kingdom

(Civil and Electrical Engineering)

  • China Zhonghao Nigeria Limited, Kaduna, Nigeria.

(Civil Engineering-Specialist in Bridges)

  • GTA Civil Engineering Consultant, California, USA

(Civil Engineering and M&E)

  • Sandrog International Commerce, LLC, Virginia, USA

(Laboratory and Medical Equipment and Supplies)


Single Eagle Technologies Ltd operates an organizational structure that is divided into a management, operational, project, business development and project design department. Each department is headed by a divisional Manager while a central management team co-ordinates the activities of the company.


The Management team is headed by Engineer Oladele Ogunde and comprises tested professionals with integrity, honesty of purpose and strong commitment to work. 

Key Management staffs are:

Engr. Oladele Ogunde                                          MD/CEO

Dr. Oluyinka Dele-Ogunde                               Director

Dr. Oluremi Ilupeju                                                Director

Engr. Bode Adeeko                                                 GM

Arch. Arthur Oronsaye                                          Architect

Engr. Dada Olarenwaju                                         Manager

Engr. Funmi Mathew                                               Sr.Engr.

Engr. Opeyemi Akano                                              Engr.

Adegoke Abiodun                                                       Reg. Surveyor

Miss Fakoya Feyisayo                                               Accountant 


Dele Ogunde, founder and majority owner directs all the operations of Single Eagle Technologies. He has MIS, MCSE, CNA, B.S. Comp/Elect. Engr. from University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC. USA


Yinka Agboola-Ogunde is the director in charge of all our pharmaceutical retail outlets. She has Doctorate degree in Pharmacology from Nova University Florida, USA. 


Remi Ilupeju is a director who handles all our United States transactions and he is stationed in the U.S. office. He has Dr. of Medicine from Howard University, Washington DC. USA


A member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and a COREN registered Engineer. He worked in the private sectors with a firm of consulting Engineers Messrs CA Consultants as Project Engineer before joining Single Eagle Technologies Limited as Project Manager/Consultant and his experience covers designing, contracting and consulting aspects of Engineering. He designs everything we can think of and quantify them. He is a holder of Masters Degree in Architecture from Catholic University, Washington DC ., USA 


COHEN registered and member of Nigeria Society of Engineers(MNSE) and a product of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria with B(HONS) in Civil Engineering His work includes the design, installation, construction and supervision of road construction Services in some of the most prestigious projects anywhere we deem fit.


Engr. Funmi Mathew is a graduate of Civil/Electrical Engineering from Yaba College of Technology and Masters from Olabisi Onabanjo University in Business Administration. His NYSC year was spent with Yaroson & Partners, a firm of Consulting Electrical and Mechanical Engineers based in Kaduna. He has since worked with Electra Engineering Company Limited, a contracting Engineering firm based in Lagos before joining Single Eagle Technologies .He is our materials expert and he is good with everything both at site and administration among other things.


Ope Akano is a holder of HND (Civil Engineering), a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. He worked in the public and private sectors before joining SINGLE EAGLE TECHNOLOGIES and his experience covers maintenance, contracting and consulting aspects of Engineering. His work includes the design, installation and supervision of civil work.


With over 3 years experience in accounting and auditing, Ms Fakoya has worked in various accounting firms before joining this organization as Accountant


We take all necessary steps to establish and maintain good relationship with the host community within the course of its operations. This includes, but not limited to, observing all protocols and customs in the community, paying due homage as may be required by the community and engaging local laborers when required by the operations. 


It is the policy of the company to carry out its activities in such a manner that no fatality or serious injuries or damage to property arises thereof. Every necessary step shall be taken to safeguard all workers, including independent contractors.

Positive attitude to safety shall be rewarded and negative ones penalized. Detailed Safety procedure must be in place and site management held accountable for its implementation on site.


Since work may affect any or every system of the human body, it is therefore essential that early recognition of health hazard is established, monitored and controlled. The company places great emphasis on the promotion of the total health concept and the protection of its workers. All workers in our employment must be certified medically fit before employment and annual medical examination is conducted for all staff accordingly.


Our Company is committed to ensuring clean and healthy work environment. We take environmental sanitation and monitoring seriously to ensure that all FEPA (Federal Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines are complied with as regards our operations. Every effort will be concentrated towards minimization of environmental safety hazards released during the course of work on project sites. Client’s waste disposal methods shall be implemented in consultation with the Client’s Environmental Department.


The Company is very well committed to ensuring appropriate measures for the protection of its working environment from theft and sabotage. This is achieved through restriction of unauthorized personnel into office location and work sites. Security personnel are so engaged by the Company for project execution and logistics support. In this regard, every necessary step shall be taken to safeguard all our workers, including independent contractors.


The Company Safety officer shall hold an orientation safety meeting with the entire workforce, highlighting the scope of work, the foreseeable hazards and measures taken by the Company to avert unfavorable occurrence. In addition, induction courses will be organized for every new employee as they are engaged.

  • Review of scope of work and the attendant hazards shall be part and parcel of periodic instructional safety meeting to be held on site, audio visual aids are part of our intended training program.
  • A copy of the Company’s Rules and Regulations shall be provided for every employee for their personal reference and understanding.
  • Safety warning signs and stickers will be placed at appropriate locations to caution all employees on a daily basis on safety.
  • The Company safety officer shall undertake periodic site inspection and report his findings and/or recommendation. This is a form of checks and balances on the site administration and the client shall be kept informed of such reports.
  • All accidents should thereby be promptly reported and investigated. This shall be a fact-finding exercise.
  • The site shall be provided with a centralized standard first aid box to be manned by a trained First Aider.
  • Should materials other than those used in the building be encountered, demolition will cease, pending the resolution of the anomaly.
  • Where demolition is partial, efforts must be made to separate non-conforming materials.


The Rescue team in an emergency shall comprise the following:

Contract Manager

The Site Supervisor

All emergency plans are directed towards releasing maximum assistance at the shortest possible time, and ensure that all services likely to be involved or affected are informed within the shortest possible time. An orderly and effective response to the measures in place is of vital importance for achieving results.